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Published on October 31, 2023
Photo by COSI – Center of Science and Industry via Facebook

Barbie has made quite an impact over the last several decades and she’s had a major comeback this year with the release of the Barbie Movie. The color pink has quite literally dominated the world for the last few months and was even difficult to come by for a couple weeks due to its high demand. There was a gravitational pull toward all things pink and all things Barbie (and there still is).

The Barbie craze is far from over and there is still plenty of pink on the horizon… no seriously – we still see pink even when our eyes are closed. To keep the momentum going, our very own COSI showcased their new Barbie-themed exhibit on October 4th and it’s insane!

Photo by COSI – Center of Science and Industry via Facebook

Take the elevator up to Level 2 and you will know when you’ve found it. All you have to do to find it from there is just have semi-decent peripheral vision to notice the pink and then just follow it. Walk overtop of a vintage Barbie logo that is projected onto the ground and read a bit about how Barbie came to be! You’ll see actual dolls from different decades and how they evolved over time.

The Barbie exhibit showcases Barbie’s 200+ careers and specifically highlights 11 careers through interactive play. It is a great resource for young children to delve into different career paths even at a young age and test their skills and interests. If Barbie can do it, so can you! Oh by the way, the exhibit is even fun for adults as well!

Photo by COSI – Center of Science and Industry via Facebook

Test out piloting, wildlife photography, engineering, cooking, and more and have a blast at COSI! This is exhibit will be open until January 7th, 2024 – so be sure to stop in soon so you don’t miss it!

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