Date Night Idea: Dinner at This Gorgeous Patio, Jazz Night, and, of course, Ice Cream

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Written by Step Out Columbus

Published on May 1, 2024
Photo courtesy of Understory on Facebook

So, you’ve landed yourself a date in Columbus, huh? Look at you! Someone is finally letting themselves fall in love!

Time to show them a good time without breaking the bank or boring them to tears. Fear not, my friend. I’ve concocted a foolproof plan that’s sure to impress and entertain.

Dinner on a beautiful patio? Impressive!

Catching a jazz show with great cocktails? Entertaining!

We here at Step Out Columbus checked all the boxes for you, so get ready for a night filled with good food, smooth tunes, and sweet treats. Let’s dive in.

Stop 1: Dinner at Understory

2571 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43202

Alright, first things first – dinner. We’re not talking about your average candlelit meal here; we’re talking about a culinary adventure in the wooded gorgeousness of north Columbus at Understory. Picture this: you and your date cozied up on a beautiful patio early in the evening, sharing bites of expertly crafted dishes while pretending to know what “umami” means. Pro tip: if you accidentally mispronounce something on the menu, just blame it on your “sophisticated palate.” Works every time (almost).

Photo courtesy of Understory on Facebook

Stop 2: Catching a Jazz Show at Ginger Rabbit

17 Buttles Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

After dinner, it’s time to jazz things up a bit (pun intended). Head over to Ginger Rabbit, where the music is smooth and the ambiance is… well, jazzy. Grab a couple of seats near the stage, order a round of drinks, and get ready to nod your head like you actually understand what’s happening. Bonus points if you can successfully snap your fingers in time with the music. Disclaimer: snapping rhythm not guaranteed.

Photo courtesy of Ginger Rabbit on Facebook

Stop 3: Getting Ice Cream at Johnson’s in Italian Village

869 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43201

Now that you’ve wined and dined your date, it’s time to seal the deal with something sweet. Johnson’s Real Ice Cream in Italian Village is the perfect spot to satisfy your post-dinner cravings. Scope out the flavor options, make a few questionable choices (bubblegum ice cream, anyone?), and prepare to bond over brain freezes and sticky fingers. And hey, if things are going really well, maybe you can even share a cone. Or not… they might have cooties… no judgment here.

Photo courtesy of Johnson’s Real Ice Cream on Facebook

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