Guide to 7 Scenic Picnic Spots Around Columbus & Central OH

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Published on July 3, 2024
Photo courtesy of The Ohio State University on Facebook

One of the best and most easy ways to instantly boost your mood – picnicking. Well, that’s our opinion at least. What is it that makes eating outside on a blanket so much more elite? The world may never know. We’re not going to question it anymore though, we’re just gonna keep having picnics.

On the topic of picnics, we’re going to give you the rundown about some of the best spots to picnic around the Columbus area!

We’re excited.

Goodale Park

120 W Goodale St, Columbus, OH 43215 / more info

Goodale Park is actually one of the oldest parks in the United States that dates back to the early 1800s. You’ll find a gazebo, a pond, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, and of course – picnic tables. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use the picnic tables if you’re more of a traditional picnicker and prefer the ol’ blanket and basket set up. If we could pick one word to describe Goodale Park, we’d choose “lovely.”

Photo by Michelle Feige via Facebook

Schiller Park

1069 Jaeger St, Columbus, OH 43206 / more info

Right in the heart of the German Village is this divine beauty – Schiller Park. It’s filled with geese and ducklings, a pond, walking paths, and small gardens. It’s one of the most picturesque parks in Columbus for a picnic-worthy backdrop!

Schiller Park by Courtney L. Wells via Facebook

Topiary Park

480 E Town St, Columbus, OH 43215 / more info

Spend a little picnic-date marveling at this rendition of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of LaGrande Jatte, by the impressionist painter, Georges Seurat. This well-known painting comes to life in the lush, sculptural gardens at Topiary Park, and will set the tone for a marvelous picnic date!

Photo by Topiary Park via Facebook

The Scioto Mile

 233 S Civic Center Dr, Columbus, OH 43215 / more info

A picnic setting as top-notch as this would simply be a crime to disregard from the list. The Scioto Mile spans 145 miles and has gorgeous parklands, walking paths, fountains, and of course – many city overlooks. The Columbus skyline, the Scioto River, and the people-watching all seamlessly work together to create a practically perfect picnic setting – and that’s an understatement (also a great alliteration).

Photo by Randall L. Schieber

Columbus Park of Roses

3901 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214 / more info

How could anyone resist a picnic inside of a park that is basically enrobed with unending rose gardens? We sure can’t. A picnic accompanied by the ever-wafting scent of rose, the quiet hum of the fountain, and a sweet little bird chirp every so often make for utter perfection.

Columbus Park of Roses by Debbie Dunlap via Faceook

Mirror Lake

Near 1756 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

Mirror Lake is one of the most famous parts of Ohio State’s campus, right up there with The Shoe and The Oval, and for good reason! It’s one of the most picturesque places in the entire city, complete with an outdoor amphitheater, water fountain, blossoming flowers, and plenty of benches and areas for a picnic.

Photo courtesy of The Ohio State University on Facebook

Alum Creek State Park

3400 Lewis Center Rd, Lewis Center, OH 43035

You probably didn’t think you’d be able to have a picnic on a beach in Central Ohio, did you? Don’t worry, we’re not judging you, but to atone for your ignorance, we hereby order you to go have a cute and fun picnic on the beach at Alum Creek State Park immediately! It’s really a serene and beautiful place on a warm summer day, and if you get too hot, just pop in the reservoir and you’ll quickly cool off. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sharks!

Photo courtesy of Sujoy on Google

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