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Written by Step Out Columbus

Published on October 3, 2023
Photo by Step Out Columbus Staff

Columbus is not necessarily lacking when it comes to cafes, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever grow weary of new ones hitting the scene. Who doesn’t love having options for where to find their morning coffee, a little breakfast or lunch, and a place to sit and get some work done? We sure do. Now that Winn Winn Cafe is open, we made our way over to see what all they had available.

For the moment, Winn Winn Cafe operates out of a walk-up window where you’ll place your order, and all seating is outside while the interior is in the works! It’s a high-end to-go eatery with breakfast and lunch options, and a smaller beverage menu for the time being. All of their coffee comes from Rōst Coffee in Chillicothe (which we love btw). We had to try their bottled honey oat latte to start the morning off on the right foot, and then placed an order for their everything bagel breakfast sandwich, coffee cake, and their giant chocolate chip cookie. If you’re curious about what other drinks they have, there’s cold brew, single origin coffee, a bottled cubano, and tea!

The food was delicious and was prepared quickly which is a huge plus. The everything bagel breakfast sandwich was savory, filling, and just right. The desserts were sweet and decadent and the honey oatmilk latte was perfection. The outdoor seating option is nice and sits up against the side wall which provides partial shade. Winn Winn Cafe really is a win in our book. Even if you don’t sit outside, it’s a solid spot to hit on your morning commute for something quick and delicious!

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