The Best Burger in Columbus is at… a Breakfast Spot??

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Written by Step Out Columbus

Published on June 12, 2024
Photo courtesy of Joya’s on Facebook

I know you’re probably rubbing your eyes making sure that you read that headline properly… trust us, we were equally as stunned as you are.

We know, we know. It’s a very bold claim and certainly a touchy subject. But just humor us for a second.

Breakfast spots are good at what? Cooking meats on a griddle! So why can’t a breakfast joint make a kick*ss burger?

That’s probably pretty close to what Joya’s Chef and Founder Avishar Barua thought when concocting the supremely tasty Joya’s Double Deluxe and subsequently adding it to the menu.

Photo courtesy of Joya’s on Facebook

This double smash burger comes with green chili, shrettuce, pickle, and you can’t forget the Joyasauce. It tastes even better than it looks (if you can believe that).

And sure, we’ll acknowledge the fact that everyone has different taste preferences for their burgers, so maybe this won’t turn out to be your personal favorite burger, but we think there’s a very, very, very good chance it cracks your top 5.

Photo courtesy of @eatatjoyas on Instagram

So head on over to Old Worthington, get a burger, maybe a donut (or 3), and just enjoy the wonderful world of flavor you’re about to enter.

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