The Most Underrated Instagram-able Spots In Columbus and Central Ohio

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Written by Step Out Columbus

Published on April 10, 2024
Photo courtesy of OSU Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens on Facebook

One of my favorite things about Columbus is that it has a little bit of everything. If you enjoy being out in nature, we have tons of options to choose from. If you enjoy city life and a more urban environment, we have lots of that, too.

Because of this, Columbus has a bunch of super unique and picturesque places (yes, we’re looking at you, Dublin Field of Corn).

But even with so many beautiful spots to take in, sometimes it’s hard to find the lesser-known and less crowded areas. Everyone (including myself) loves The Park of Roses, but it can get really busy. And if you’re trying to capture some aesthetic pics for your Instagram, having a little kid running away from his mom in the background of your pictures probably won’t cut it.

That’s why we pulled together some of our favorite hidden gem spots that don’t get the city-wide recognition they deserve. We hope this list makes your Instagram pop off!

1. Inniswood Metro Gardens | Open Year-Round

940 S Hempstead Road, Westerville, OH 43081

The perfect blend of nature and expert landscaping, the streams, woodlands, and plants at Inniswood Metro Gardens offer gorgeous backdrops that are sure to get the attention of your Instagram following.

Photos courtesy of Inniswood Metro Gardens on Facebook

2. Victorian Village / Goodale Park | Open Year Round

120 W Goodale St, Columbus, OH 43215

This Columbus neighborhood sits peacefully west of the Short North. Home to magnificent Victorian-style houses and Goodale Park, there are endless backdrops to choose from. Gazebos, water fountains, ponds, beautiful architecture, plants… it’s the perfect blend of city-life and nature.

Photos courtesy of Jsjessee on Flickr, Monica Lynne on Facebook, and Kseniya Plymale on Google

3. Walnut Woods Metro Park | Open Year Round

6723 Lithopolis Rd, Groveport, OH 43125

This hidden gem is nestled in Groveport, just southeast of Columbus. The Tall Pines area of the park gives off such an eclectic vibe. I can only describe it as hauntingly beautiful. Walnut Woods is an eye-catcher in the fullest sense of the word (or would it be words since it’s hyphenated? Hmmm… I should’ve paid more attention in English class).

Photos courtesy of TJ Mahan, Ranger Dave Milam, and Drew Bollinger on Facebook

4. Gantz Park and The Gardens at Gantz Farm | Open Year Round

2255 Home Rd, Grove City, OH 43123

This city park in Grove City is more than just a play area for the youngins. Featuring winding brick paths (including a freakin’ labyrinth) and tons of different plant species, the Gardens at Gantz are expertly planned and crafted, making for a truly beautiful hidden gem.

Photos courtesy of the Gardens at Gantz Farm and Grove City Parks and Recreation on Facebook

5. Hayden Falls Park | Open Year Round

4326 Hayden Run Rd, Dublin, OH 43017

This small yet mesmerizing park is home to a gorgeous waterfall that puts Niagara Falls to shame (yeah, we’re looking at you, Step Out Buffalo!). It’s best to go the day after heavy rains, when the waterfall is completely full and extra pretty.

Photos courtesy of Brian O’Harra on Google and Billy Bradshaw on Facebook

6. Chadwick Arboretum | Open Year Round

2001 Fyffe Ct, Columbus, OH 43210

Tucked away across from the Schottenstein Center on the Agricultural Campus of The Ohio State University, Chadwick Arboretum is truly a hidden sanctuary. When people think of picturesque spots on Ohio State’s campus, they think The Oval, The Shoe, Thompson Library… but not us here at Step Out Columbus! Chadwick Arboretum is just as beautiful and, in my experience, rarely (if ever) crowded.

Photo courtesy of OSU Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens on Facebook

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