The Top 10 Places to Watch The Most Stunning Sunsets in Columbus and Central Ohio

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Published on May 15, 2024
Photo courtesy of Leveque Tower Top on Facebook

Ohio sunsets are truly magical. The flat nature of the state allows for completely unobstructed views of the sun hitting the horizon, creating some of the most beautiful reds, oranges, and purples you’ll ever see, yet most of us take it for granted!

I remember when I moved to New York City in 2022, I was immediately heartbroken at the fact that I basically never saw the sun past 4 PM, because it was always blocked by the buildings. Living on the east side of the island of Manhattan, sunsets were few and far between.

During my first visit back to Ohio that fall, I saw my first sunset in months, and it was at that moment that I knew I wanted to move back to Columbus. Here’s the picture:

Photo courtesy of me!

So, as requested, here are some of the most incredible places to watch a sunset in Central Ohio!

Scioto Mile

This downtown gem stretches along the Scioto River, offering stunning sunset views against the Columbus skyline. We might be a bit biased, but there’s really nothing prettier than the LeVeque Tower during golden hour. So whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone whose sunset shots always seem to capture more thumb than sky, Scioto Mile’s breathtaking vistas won’t disappoint. Just make sure you look up from your phone long enough to actually enjoy the sunset.

Photo courtesy of The Scioto Mile on Facebook

Hoover Reservoir Park

If expansive water views are your thing (as they should be), Hoover Reservoir Park in Westerville is the freakin’ jam. You’ll find peace, tranquility, and the perfect setting to ponder why you didn’t become a professional sunset chaser. The way the golden light bounces off the water is *mwah* (that’s the sound of me kissing my finger tips like a chef). Don’t worry if your Instagram feed is 90% selfies, this sunset will make it worth diversifying.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Bizzano on Facebook

Columbus Park of Roses

Nestled in Clintonville, the Columbus Park of Roses provides colorful gardens and a peaceful atmosphere for sunset viewing. It’s the kind of place where even the flowers seem to turn towards the setting sun, and where you can feel cultured just for being there. If you thought the Park of Roses couldn’t get any better, just experience it during a sunset. You’re welcome.

Photo courtesy of Arnold Zwicky’s Blog

Rising Park

Hike up to Mount Pleasant, the park’s famous hill, and you’ll be rewarded with a (Mount) pleasant panoramic view that makes you forget about the thigh burn you endured to get there. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the town and the surrounding landscape, you might just find yourself in a moment of pure zen – or at least pretending to be for the perfect selfie. The sunset from Rising Park is seriously well worth the effort.

Photo courtesy of Christina Andrews on Facebook

Highbanks Metro Park

Perched atop the high bluffs overlooking the Olentangy River, Highbanks Metro Park offers sunsets that make you forget about your Fitbit’s low step count for the day. With views this good, even your dog will stop and stare, contemplating the meaning of life (or maybe just whether or not it’s worth chasing the squirrel it just saw).

Photo courtesy of Karl Hassel Jr via Highbank Metro Park’s Facebook page

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

Home to vast prairies and a bison herd, Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park provides a unique sunset backdrop. Watching the sun dip below the horizon here might make you feel like you’re in a majestic Western, even if you arrived in a minivan and not on horseback. In all seriousness, the view of the sun setting over the prairie is one for the books

Photo courtesy of Eric Reiner via Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park’s Facebook page

Antrim Park

With its tranquil lake surrounded by walking trails, Antrim Park offers beautiful sunset views over the water. But the sun won’t be the only thing reflecting on the water… Antrim Park is the ideal spot for reflecting on life’s big questions, like why your sunset photos never do the real thing justice. Spoiler: it’s not the park’s fault.

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Hamrick on Facebook

Alum Creek State Park

Located north of Columbus, Alum Creek State Park’s marina and beach areas provide perfect, unobstructed sunset views over the lake. Bring a blanket, a friend, or just your favorite snack to enjoy a spectacular display of nature’s nightly finale. Pro tip: no one’s judging your cheese puff addiction here. Plus, any cheese residue on your face will blend in with the reflection of the sky on your face, so get after it all you want.

Photo courtesy of Alum Creek State Park on Facebook

Scioto Audubon Metro Park

This urban oasis is a former industrial site turned into a lush park, complete with wetlands, climbing walls, and a cool boardwalk that looks awesome in photos. As the sun sets, the sky reflects off the park’s ponds and wetlands, creating a mesmerizing mirror effect that even your most photo-phobic friends will want to capture. Whether you’re into bird watching, rock climbing, or just looking for a perfect place to ponder why your evening jogs never last more than ten minutes, Scioto Audubon offers a sunset experience that’s hard to beat.

Photo courtesy of Jecy Weber via Scioto Audubon Metro Park’s Facebook page

Edison Brewing Company (Gahanna)

What pairs better with an awesome sunset than an ice cold beer? Edison’s awesome back patio offers a stunning, panoramic view of the Columbus skyline from afar, making it an ideal spot to unwind as the day fades away. It’s the kind of scene that makes you appreciate the finer things in life—like hops, barley, and perfectly timed sunsets. Cheers to that!

Photo courtesy of Edison Brewing Company on Facebook

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